8-year-old Omar lost both his parents and was taken in by his aunt. Struggling to make ends meet with her own children, Omar's aunt faced difficulties in paying rent and providing food. This dire situation forced young Omar into work. However, after enrolling in our Orphan Sponsorship Program, we were able to alleviate the financial burden on his aunt, ensuring that she could adequately care for her orphaned nephew, including providing food, clothing, and covering rent. Thanks to this crucial support, Omar no longer had to work and was able to attend school.

Omar is now thriving at school, he tells our team; ”I used to get upset when I'd see my friends heading to school each morning while I couldn't join them; I had to go to work. I felt left out. I was overjoyed and excited when I left work and returned to school with my friends. I cherish my education, and I aspire to become an English teacher.” 

The most deeply affected by this prolonged conflict are the countless orphaned children who are in desperate need of assistance. Your donation can provide such valuable support that these children so urgently require. Please consider supporting a Syrian orphan today, offering hope and a brighter future to a child in need.


If you're interested in donating to projects outside of Syria, our parent charity, Action for Humanity, operates across the Middle East, South Asia, and North Africa:




In 2018, Saffa fled her home in Dara'a as the conflict became unbearable. Taking refuge in her basement during daily airstrikes had become the norm for her young family. Her 4-year-old son, Malik, battles a severe illness that demands extensive medical attention.

Saffa struggles to afford the vital medication her son needs. To cover Malik's treatment costs, she's compelled to sell food, and often she relies on her neighbours for sustenance for her children. "I've never been able to buy meat," she admits with a heavy heart, acknowledging the times when her children have had to go to bed hungry.

Thanks to your generous support, Saffa has recently found a sponsor, breaking free from the cycle of poverty. This sponsorship enables her to secure the essential medicine for her son and provide nourishment for all of her children. However, there remain countless displaced families, much like Saffa's, in desperate need of assistance to rebuild their lives.