Mohammed, a bright and resilient young boy, found his life upended by the devastating conflict in Syria. Born in a region torn apart by bombings and violence, his childhood was marked by hardships that no child should ever have to endure.

When Mohammed was just eight years old, a bombing raid left him severely injured, resulting in the traumatic loss of his leg.

Without access to proper medical care, prosthetic limbs, or rehabilitation services, Mohammed was forced to adapt to life with a disability at a young age. The absence of a functional limb meant that attending school, a fundamental right for children, became an unattainable dream for him.

Mohammed's journey to recovery took a turn for the better when he learned about our local clinic. Mohammed began the process of rehabilitation, learning to walk and run again.The impact of Mohammed's newfound mobility extended far beyond his physical abilities. With his prosthetic limb, he reclaimed his right to an education. Mohammed didn't stop at the classroom door. He rekindled his love for sports and play, once again participating in activities he had been forced to abandon.