Three Ways to Give Sadaqah Jariyah This Ramadan

A term meaning continuous, flowing charity, Sadaqah Jariyah is one of the most generous acts it is possible to perform.

Underpinned by kindness, compassion and altruism, it provides the recipient with benefits that last long into the future.

During Ramadan, Sadaqah Jariyah is of huge importance due to the holy month’s focus on making a positive difference for those in need. From planting an olive tree that a family can use to generate income, to building sustainable homes that last for generations, there are numerous ways to give continuous benefits and transform lives.

Here are three simple ways that you can give Sadaqah Jariyah this Ramadan!


Support our micro-gardening project

After 11 years of conflict, roughly 1.5 million Syrians have found refuge in neighbouring Lebanon, a country gripped by economic turmoil. As humanitarian needs continue to rise, a staggering 90% of families have been plunged into extreme poverty, with many unable to access enough food to survive.

In 2021, the vast majority of Syrian refugees in Lebanon continued to resort to negative coping strategies such as borrowing money and reducing health expenses.

But through our micro-gardening project, you can provide a crucial lifeline. We provide the training needed for Syrian refugees to start their own business, generate an income and provide for themselves and their families!


Help us rebuild Syria

Over a decade of violence has forced half of Syria’s pre-conflict population to flee their homes. With nothing more than a flimsy tent for shelter, families face extreme hardship, particularly during winter, when harsh weather tears through camps, forcing many to flee once again.

It is our mission to change this. Day by day, brick by brick, we’re working to rebuild Syria, one village and one home at a time. Construction of our first village is already complete, giving 750 families safe, warm homes that provide dignity and security.

But rebuilding Syria involves more than building new homes. It involves re-stitching the country’s social fabric; building schools, hospitals, community centres and places of worship. This makes it the perfect Sadaqah Jariyah project - you’ll be building more than a village, you’ll be building stability, prosperity and crucially - hope for a better future.


Donate to our Education projects

Syria’s education system has been decimated by prolonged fighting. 40% of schools have been damaged, destroyed or repurposed, leaving 2.45 million children cut off from education and unable to learn, grow and fulfil their potential.

Through our Education projects, we’re doing everything possible to give Syrian children their childhood back. Currently the largest non-governmental education provider in the country, we run over 100 schools, rebuild damaged ones and distribute stationery and academic materials to children in need.

Education is the tool that equips future generations with the skills they need to change the world. By supporting our Education projects, you can give Sadaqah Jariyah by laying foundations for a stable and prosperous society. After 11 years of conflict and loss, this could not be more important.