Syrian Refugees Flee Camps Due To Arson Attacks

Over 370 Syrian refugees flee camps due to arson attacks.

Over 370 Syrian refugees flee camps due to arson attacks.

In Lebanon, hundreds of refugees have been made refugees once again, after they have fled the camps they were living in were targets of an arson attack over the weekend.

The fires were caused after a dispute caused people to set fire to an informal refugee camp in the Miniyeh region, which led to Syrian refugees have their tents torched and shots fired into the air.

UNHCR says over 370 people have fled the camps and at least four were taken to hospitals from injuries suffered by this incident. Before Saturday, the attacked camp hosted 75 Syrian refugee families, now it is just a charred wasteland.

The underlying cause of this is the growing cross-community tension in Lebanon, with growing hostilities from the host community towards Syrian refugees. Lebanon houses over 1 million Syrian refugees – they host more refugees per capita than any other country in the world, but Lebanon has many of its own problems. It has been racked by economic and political turmoil for well over a year, which manifested itself in August’s explosion in the port of Beirut. With unemployment high, some accuse the Syrian refugees for taking their work or undercutting them.

The camps that the Syrian refugees in Lebanon are forced to live in are squalor, just pieces of material with poor access to water, it is hard to keep them warm in the bitterly cold winter months. Most families fled Syria with none, or very little, of their possessions. The few mementos they do have are often memories of loved once killed by the conflict. What they have left are kept in these tents.

They are victims of the civil war in Syria, having lost everything to flee their homes for their lives. Now they are victims once again of these arson attacks, seeking refuge once again. They have lost everything once and now they have lost everything all over again.

How much more suffering will the Syrian people have to endure?