Syria Relief Teams Up With The FA

Syria Relief, the UK’s largest Syria-focused charity, and the English Football Association [The FA] have teamed up to help donate over 3,000 items of kit to Syrian children living in extreme poverty in refugee camps on the Lebanese border with Syria. The Syria Relief project is called #TackleChildPoverty.

The FA donated over 3,000 items of England kit and Syria Relief distributed the items inside refugee camps in the Beqaa Valley region of Lebanon. Syria Relief also arranged for former Liverpool, Juventus and Paris Saint Germain footballer Mohamed Sissoko and for a team of FA-qualified coaches to give children in the camps football training sessions with the new kit.

Othman Moqbel, Chief Executive Officer of Syria Relief said: “Football is a universal language that brings billions together and spreads hope and joy. It has been a huge honour to team with The FA and Momo Sissoko to donate football kit and equipment to Syrian refugee children living in tents on the Lebanese border with Syria, as well as providing some warm clothes and fun for children living in extreme poverty.

“This isn’t just giving children high quality clothes, severely needed in the winter months, and fun they’ll never forget, but it is also helping tackle mental health issues such as trauma. A study we did earlier this year found that 74% of Syrian refugees in Lebanon had symptoms compatible with PTSD. Recreational activity and exercise are proven to improve mental health.

“We are so thankful for The FA who have so kindly donated 3,000 items of England kit. Children in the camps love football and most here now have a new favourite national team – England. The FA’s desire to use their resources to help people living off around 70p to £1.20 a day is admirable and they’re an institution the country can be proud of.

“All of the children and the parents here have said how much they are loving this initiative. The joy we are seeing on the faces of children, when they get a brand new England kit, donated by The FA, and getting to enjoy a game of football with a legend of the game like Momo Sissoko and FA qualified coaches, is extraordinary.”

Edleen John, The FA’s Director of International Relations, Corporate Affairs and Co-partner for EDI, said: "We were delighted to partner with Syria Relief to provide this kit and equipment to children who we hope will truly benefit from it and enjoy it. While we cannot control the challenging life circumstances for refugees, we do know how much joy football brings to millions of people around the world. We believe that our game is truly for all, so we hope that even the small gift of a shirt can make a difference to how people feel on and off the pitch.

"Football can play a part in helping to improve the lives of refugees, as we have found in our ongoing efforts to increase refugee women's participation in grassroots football within England. Our thanks go to Syria Relief for showing how our game can be a force for good and help to improve the lives of people around the world."

Anyone who wants to donate or learn more about the #TackleChildPoverty campaign can go to Tackle Child Poverty.


Syria Relief (UK registered charity no. 1143797) were founded in 2011 to provide humanitarian aid to victims of the Syrian conflict. They are a subsidiary of the parent charity Action For Humanity (UK registered charity no. 1154881). Syria Relief/Action For Humanity specialise in providing humanitarian aid and development projects during conflict. In 2020, Syria Relief have supported 2,091,325 victims of conflict in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Jordan. Some of Syria Relief’s work includes:

In 2020 alone Syria Relief provided:

Access to clean water for 329,780 people

Food to 64,006 people

Life-saving NFI kits for 165,000 people

Education to 105,507 children

Medical care to 292,706 people


Representatives from Syria Relief are available for interview, contact Charles Lawley, Head of Communications and Advocacy


Call: +447535415060