Syria Is Bracing For A Health Disaster

As we in the UK #StayHome to protect ourselves and our NHS from the overwhelming coronavirus pandemic, war-torn Syria is bracing for a health disaster.

Syria’s war has taken everything from the Syrian people. Last month marked the 9th anniversary of the conflict and the country is no closer to finding a resolution. At least 11 million people in the country already need humanitarian assistance to survive, while almost eight million people do not have reliable access to food.

Since the start of the conflict in 2011, there have been at least 595 documented attacks on over 300 hospitals across the country. Only 64% of Syria’s hospitals are still operating, all of which are close to or at capacity.

With the escalation of violence over the past few months in North-West Syria, millions have been displaced and are now living in crowded makeshift camps. Idlib and northern Aleppo is home to 4 million people with 1 million displaced in the last four months alone. COVID-19 will thrive in internal displacement camps and refugee camps, putting millions of lives at risk. Many civilians already have health conditions caused by living in unsuitable shelters during winter or as a result of injuries sustained from airstrikes and shelling. How can individuals self-isolate in overcrowded, unhygienic camps where families as big as 8-10 are crammed in makeshift tents?

With no hygiene facilities or water, parents are unable to protect their children from the disease. Water supply systems have been badly affected by the conflict. 15.5 million Syrians currently require water and sanitation assistance. Syria Relief’s water engineers are working hard to ensure that communities have access to sustainable, clean water and appropriate sanitation facilities for both domestic and agriculture use.

Our team will be on the ground delivering hygiene kits, water, medical care and emergency aid to those in need. We will be sterilising camps and delivering awareness training to prevent the spread of the virus.

9 years of war has killed, injured and displaced millions of Syrian’s, COVID-19 will kill many more unless you donate now.

How you can help?

£35: Provide a family with a hygiene kit

£100: Provide clean water for 2000 people for a day

£200: Provide an awareness session in a refugee camp on COVID-19

£300: Provide sterilisation services in a refugee camp