Syria Bread Emergency

Families in Syria urgently need bread and other staple food items!

Food prices in Syria have risen to their highest level since the start of the conflict almost a decade ago. Over the last 6 months alone, the value of the Syrian pound has plummeted by more than two thirds causing the cost of staple food items to double. 80% of the Syrian population now live in poverty and 9.3 million people are considered food insecure. With the additional disruption caused by COVID-19 restrictions on the supply chains, it has never been harder to find food in Syria!

The ongoing wheat shortages have exacerbated food insecurity across the region and restricted the availability of bread. Bread is at the heart of Syrian cuisine and is a critical staple of the Syrian diet. Before the conflict began, bread was inexpensive and eaten with every meal. The government and aid groups have struggled to provide bread resulting in it now being available on the black market for 10 times its price!

But it is not just the shortage of flour and COVID19 restrictions which is affecting the availability of this staple food item, since the beginning of the war bakeries have been attacked, damaged and destroyed. 

We are launching an emergency campaign to distribute bread and flour to families in need. Your donation of just £30 will provide a family with two packs of lifesaving bread for a month.