Ramadan Mubarak

The blessed month of Ramadan is almost upon us and we are proud to announce the launch of the 2020 Syria Relief Ramadan Campaign: Have Faith.

Friday, April 24, 2020

By Othman Moqbel, Chief Executive Syria Relief



Ramadan Kareem! 

For nearly 100 years, Al-Shaam was the capital of the Islamic world. Now, as we approach the holy month of Ramadan, Al-Shaam needs the help of the Ummah more than ever. 

This Ramadan it is important we remember the land of Al- Shām (Syria) one of the most virtuous lands mentioned by the messenger of Allah (SWT). 

It is narrated the messenger of Allah (SWT) said: “Glad tidings for Al-Shām! Glad tidings for Al-Shām! Glad tidings for Al-Shām!” So we asked, “what is the reason for this O messenger of Allah?” He said, “Because the Angels of The Merciful have spread their wings upon Al-Shām.” (Sunan Al-Tirmidhi). 

Every day during the Idlib crisis thousands of Syrians have been displaced and dozens killed. They need food, shelter, water, healthcare and education urgently. But, most importantly, they need you to have faith this Ramadan. 

Have faith in Allah this Ramadan by giving generously. Have faith in the Syrian people, that they will make it through these dark times. And have faith in Syria Relief. We are the leading Syrian-focused charity in Europe, no other charity has the capacity to help millions of Syrian people every year.
If UN agencies or global NGOs want to deliver, they ask Syria Relief. 

Today, millions of Syrians have lost everything but their faith in Allah. With your help, we can stop their suffering and give them hope for a better tomorrow. 

Ramadan Food Packs

9 million Syrians require emergency food assistance to meet their basic food needs. 6.5 million people are facing life-threatening food insecurity. Malnutrition not only affects health but also hinders progress in other areas of development such as education and employment.

We are on the ground giving vulnerable families in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey the food they need to survive. Each food pack can feed a family for a month and is high in quality, nutritionally balanced and contain locally sourced staple food such as lentils, rice, pasta, vegetables.


Fidya and Kaffara

If you don’t fast for any of the days of Ramadan, you’ll be required to pay a charitable form of compensation. You must pay Fidya (Fidyah) if you are unable to fast for medical reasons or because of age. However, for any fasts missed unnecessarily, you’ll need to pay Kaffara (kaffarah).

Give your Fidya and Kaffara with Syria Relief. We will make sure to fulfil your religious duties by helping the most vulnerable Syrian families, who do not have food to eat, clean water to drink and permanent shelter.