Ramadan Message From Syria Relief CEO

Ramadan Mubarak! I pray this message finds you in the best of health.

As we welcome the blessed month of Ramadan, we devote ourselves completely to pleasing Allah (SWT). This Ramadan, we are asking you to remember the people of Al-Sham (Syria) and Yemen who are currently undergoing the worst humanitarian crises in the world today. 

Millions of families in the blessed land urgently need food and support! In Syria, 10 years of brutal war has left 9.3 million people in urgent need of food! Hospitals and schools have been decimated, homes destroyed and millions of children have become orphans. In the neighbouring countries of Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey, there are over 10 million people in need of a form of humanitarian support. 

The war in Yemen has turned an already impoverished country into a humanitarian catastrophe. Yemen is enduring a starvation crisis never seen before with millions of children at risk of malnutrition. We fear that many will not make it through this Holy month. We ask that you keep the people of Sham and Yemen in your Duas this Ramadan. 

Last year, thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors we were able to support over 2 million people in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Yemen. 

This year we want to reach even more! 

Save a life in the blessed lands this Ramadan! Donate now!


Othman Moqbel

Chief Executive, Syria Relief