Pray, Give, Empower This Ramadan

As multiple crises spiral across the globe, a staggering 274 million people require humanitarian assistance. Without urgent action, this number will continue to rise.

This Ramadan, we’re asking you to do three simple things for those in need: Pray, Give and Empower.



Ramadan is a time of reflection and devotion to one’s faith. Prayer is at the very heart of this: it is a form of worship and a way of increasing connection with God.

It is also a vital way of keeping in mind those who are suffering. Now into its twelfth year, the humanitarian situation in Syria is getting worse, not better. A record 12.4 million people are food insecure, and 1.3 million depend on food assistance to survive. Another 1.8 million are at risk unless urgent action is taken.

As humanitarian needs rise globally, ensuring that the crisis in Syria remains a priority is no easy task, resulting in feelings of isolation and helplessness among those affected.

But by keeping the people of Syria in your Duas this Ramadan, you can ensure they are not forgotten.



Giving to charity is a cornerstone of the holy month. Ramadan is a time of empathising with the suffering and acting with selflessness, and donating to good causes is a fantastic way to put these ideas into practice.

It is also a way of fulfilling your religious duty. By giving some of your own wealth to others, your spiritual wealth will only increase!

The importance of giving cannot be overstated. Without your incredible generosity, none of the work we do on the ground would be possible.

It is your support that enables us to make a life-changing difference for families across the globe, which given the ever-increasing levels of suffering, could not be more crucial. Whether it’s your Zakat, your Sadaqah, your Fidyah, or your Fitrana – if you donate to us this Ramadan, we will put your donations into action.



If you were ever in any doubt about the importance of giving, look no further than the way it empowers families and communities.

From repairing sewage systems damaged through conflict, to building new villages that provide not just a home, but hope to displaced families, your support lays solid foundations for a stable future.

Empowering is about understanding what a community needs to survive, recover and thrive. Whether it be Livelihoods projects that help refugees generate income, or hospitals that provide vital medical care, we are deeply passionate about creating crisis-resilient communities founded on sustainability and self-reliance. 

As we enter the holy month of Ramadan, nothing is more important than creating lasting and positive change. At a time of the year defined by charity, faith and community, there is no better use of time than working towards a fairer and more equal world.

This may seem a daunting task. As multiple crises cause untold misery, it is easy to feel like our actions will fail to have impact. But by praying, giving, and empowering, you can make an enormous difference for those who need it most.

Pray, Give and Empower today.