Mahroos's Story

Mahroos fled from Idlib to Lebanon four years ago along with his seven children.

After being smuggled to the border by bus, they crossed over barefoot, walking for four days in total. 

Since arriving in Lebanon, life has been a desperate struggle. Three of his daughters suffer from growth hormone deficiency and urgently require blood tests. But the tests cost 1 million lira each - money Mahroos simply doesn’t have. 

“Affording medications is a huge issue in my life. I just look at them. I can’t afford anything.”

Being unable to prevent his children from suffering causes Mahroos huge emotional distress. However, there is no other choice available. The money the family receives each month fails to cover the basics, leaving Mahroos with no other choice than to resort to harmful coping mechanisms to survive. 

“It’s shameful to admit, but what we receive isn’t enough. At the end of each month, I find that I’m in a lot of debt. I keep thinking about how to pay them, I just don’t know.”

This winter, the family will be plunged into new depths of suffering. With the ongoing economic crisis pushing the price of fuel and firewood to unaffordable levels, staying warm will be impossible. 

To compound these issues, their tent requires eight new tarps. It has been leaking since last winter, causing huge misery for Mahroos and his children. 

Yet due to debts of $5000, there is not enough money to afford new tarps as well as fuel, forcing Mahroos to choose one life-saving essential over another. 

“I keep thinking, should I get fuel, or should I get more tarps? We don’t know how to resolve our issues.”

Money is so scarce that even blankets are unaffordable. The only blankets they own have been borrowed from neighbours - Mahroos now plans on borrowing even more money so that he can buy extra blankets for his children. 

“I can’t afford to buy for everyone. I might be able to afford 2 to 3 blankets, but not fuel.”

For a family that has endured so much suffering, winter threatens to be the final straw. Despite already being under huge financial pressure, they now face imminent cuts to financial support. 

Mahroos’s brother has recently had the financial support he had been receiving for 2-3 years cut, making it infinitely harder to maintain an adequate standard of living. 

Without urgent assistance, the dire circumstances facing Mahroos and his family will descend into utter catastrophe. 

This winter, our emergency team is on the ground distributing life-saving winter aid. With your support, we can ensure that all families are safe and provided for.