Food Under Attack In Syria

There are media reports of thousands of acres of fields being deliberately burned by military actors and farmers being prevented from harvesting their crops – which will directly impact residents in areas of Idlib, Aleppo and Hama.

Not only are these fields the only source of income for people in the region, but it reduced the food supply which can reach besieged areas of Syria, which in turns increases the demand and the price, making the cost of living even more unaffordable for the 3.5 million people in Northwest Syria.

The conflict lines, COVID restrictions and war damage has already made the cost of food very expensive, compared to the average wage in the area – exacerbated by high unemployment and poverty.

When people have been killed in their hospital beds, at school desks or in their homes, human life has proved cheap in Syria, but the cost of living is becoming increasingly unaffordable.

Syria Relief calls on military actors in the conflict to stop actions intended to deliberately deprive civilian populations of food, as it is a crime against humanity, and we call on the general public to help improve the food supply and reduce the cost of food in Northwest Syria by donating food to Northwest Syria now.