11th Anniversary of the Syrian Crisis

Sadly, I have been marking this day, every year for 11 years now.

This is the day where we commemorate the start of the Syrian conflict and question when the people of Syria’s lives will be different?

As we watch the growing unrest across the world, I am deeply saddened to see the parallels between Syria and Ukraine. We must learn from the displacement crisis of the last 11 years and not let refugees, whomever they are or wherever they are from, suffer because of crises and conflict.

As we move into the second decade of the Syrian conflict, the situation continues to get worse, not better. Violence and unrest continue. Humanitarian need is at its highest ever level. 14.6 million Syrians require assistance to survive - 9% more than last year and 32% more than the year before. 9 in every 10 children live in poverty and face a daily battle to survive.

The numbers of the conflict are shocking, but these are not just numbers. They represent millions of mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends and colleagues caught up in a crisis which seems to have no end.

When disaster strikes, we know all too well that it is children who pay the highest price. Over the past 11 years, schools and hospitals have been repeatedly damaged and destroyed.  Sadly, we are watching much of the same happening elsewhere. We are calling on all military actors in all conflicts to protect the lives of civilians and protect hospitals, schools and community spaces. 

As the eyes of the world focus their attention towards Eastern Europe, we are asking people not to forget the people of Syria. Syria must not become the forgotten war, especially as violence and suffering still continues today.

We at Syria Relief and Action For Humanity are reaffirming our commitment to the people of Syria. We will continue to support through all our emergency programmes and long-term solutions to create a lasting change and to build a better future for the children of Syria.

We will not forget the people of Syria.