Clean Water for Every Syrian

Drinking dirty water is one of the most common causes of death in the developing world despite being one of the most preventable. Ever since the conflict in Syria started water insecurity has also grown. According to UNDP, “70 percent of the Syrian population is without regular access to safe drinking water because of water cuts and destruction of basic infrastructure.”

Access to clean water is also key in preventing the spread of diseases and viruses. Giving people access to clean water is key to stopping the spread of epidemics and pandemics like the Coronavirus.

Nine-year-old Sami would have to walk long distances each morning to collect water for his family. This journey meant he was only able to attend school in the afternoon causing him to miss out on his education. His part-time school attendance meant that he was unable to keep up with the rest of the class and was consistently falling behind and his dreams were fading away.

When we built a water pump in his camp, Sami no longer had to walk the long distance for water each day and was able to attend school on time with his classmates. Your donations are helping Syria build water systems across Syria, provide life-saving clean water and change the lives of children like Sami. This is why it is important that we ensure the availability of clean water in some of Syria’s most affected areas. Ensuring access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities requires us to invest in proper infrastructure and sanitation facilities, as well as spread awareness of water conservation, hygiene, and sustainable usage. Your donations will help provide clean drinking water to thousands of people daily.

According to the UN, water scarcity affects 40% of the world's population - an already dreadful figure which is likely to increase as supply is unable to meet increasing demand.

You Can Make A Difference

If you and your friends raise £250 by hosting a bake sale If you and your friends raise £250 by hosting a bake sale
You can provide safe, clean water to 5000 people for a day You can provide safe, clean water to 5000 people for a day
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How Big Is The Problem?

  • 15.5 million people require water assistance
  • 6.2 million people are experiencing an acute level of water, sanitation and hygiene needs
  • At least 50% of sewage systems are affected by hostilities and are not functional, exposing communities to significant health risks.
  • For IDPs and refugees living in camps, provisions of clean water is desperately low. Most lack access to drinking water, bathing facilities and sewage.

What Are We Doing?

  • We are rebuilting and repairing thousands of water systems including water tanks, water stations, sewage networks
  • We train members of the local community to undertake repairs in the future.
  • In 2019, 108,663 people benefited from Syria Relief's WASH interventions
  • Our emergency WASH response in camps and informal settlements takes into consideration the needs of disabled internally displaced persons.