Build A Home In Syria

Syria has seen a decade of death and displacement. Over 500,000 people killed and 11 million forced to flee their home.

This year, we’re building a new town for 6,000 displaced Syrians in Northern Syria and we need your help.

For £1,600 per family (or £267 per person) you can provide people with a home, with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, electricity, water and all the utilities and you will have a share in building the town’s masjid, school, hospital, community centre and other amenities.

Millions live in tents, fragile shelters or sleeping on the floors of bombed out buildings like schools and mosques. These shelters lack proper bathing and cooking facilities, they have insufficient space and they provide no protection. They lack dignity. They are temporary shelters, they are not homes. Each winter extreme flooding in Syria causes damage to tents forcing families to flee their shelters once again, damaging what little property they have left.

You’ll be more than building a home, you’ll be building hope.

This is a Sadaqah Jariyah project, like never before. Together, we can begin to correct some of the injustices forced upon the millions of victims of the brutal Syrian crisis.

You Can Make A Difference

If you raise £2000 by hosting your fundraising event If you raise £2000 by hosting your fundraising event
You can help towards permanent housing for a Syrian family You can help towards permanent housing for a Syrian family

Shelter Projects In Northern Syria

The Syrian conflict has created displacement on the scale many of us have never seen before. 6.2 million have been made refugees and 5.6 million people displaced. The Idlib crisis alone displaced more than 1 million people, many had been already displaced multiple times before in this conflict. Throughout all the sieges of the conflict – Aleppo, Homs, Eastern Ghouta, Dara’a – we have seen the familiar sight, thousands of people getting on buses, leaving their homes and fleeing for safety. They usually ended up in Idlib. Now hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced again.

Whilst every story of displacement is different, one aspect is common for all, they have no home. 5.3 million Syrians are living in inadequate shelters lacking proper bathing or cooking facilities, sufficient space and protection.

Through our shelter projects, we are helping to establish both long and short-term accommodation for some of the most vulnerable families in the hardest to reach areas in Syria as well as the surrounding countries.

How Big Is The Problem?

  • 6.2 million Syrian refugees
  • 5.6 million internally displaced
  • 4.7 million people are in need of urgent shelter assistance
  • Throughout all the sieges of the conflict – Aleppo, Homs, Eastern Ghouta, Dara’a – thousands of people fled their homes in search of safety most ended up in Idlib.
  • In the Idlib crisis alone, 1 million people were displaced

What Are We Doing?

  • We are providing emergency shelter fo IDP's throughout Syria and the neighbouring regions.
  • We are rehabilitating flats which have been destroyed in the conflict
  • We are providing humanitarian assistance to populations affected by the Syrian conflict through winter support
  • In 2019, 893 Rohingya refugees benefitted from 59 permanent shelters in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh.