100 UK mosques to build 100 homes for 100 families inside Syria.

A Sadaqa jariyya to seek forgiveness, blessings and tawfiq for our most sacred spaces and communities.

Syria Relief / Action For Humanity is the leading Syria-focused international aid agency working inside Syria. For the past 10 years we have been delivering emergency aid and long-term projects in some of the hardest reach parts of the country and have been the delivery partner of choice for almost every major Muslim-led charity in the UK.

We are calling on British mosques to help us rebuild Syria one village at a time. Let us work together to leave a lasting legacy in the blessed lands of Shaam that will future proof our mosques and communities through the ongoing Sadaqa jariyya of building a brand new village for 1000 homeless families inside Syria. 

What is the project?

Syria Relief have been gifted 550,000 square meters of land to build a brand new village inside Syria in the North West. We have broken ground and the plan is to build 1000 two-bedroom permanent homes with running water, electricity and sewage and an entire village with a grand mosque, a primary health centre, a school, a market area and a multipurpose community centre for training and leisure.

How can you help?

Sponsor a Syrian Family and transform their lives within a month by covering all their needs: food, fuel, medical, schooling and debts for just £1,800 and build a new home in Syria and take a share in the entire village: mosque, school, hospital and community centre for £1,600

Your masjid donates just £3,400 

How do I donate?

Register your mosque below and transfer your donation via bank with the reference 'Rebuild Syria [Masjid Name]'.

Bank Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
Account name Syria Relief
Account number 10166542
Sort code 16-34-27
IBAN* GB41 RBOS 1634 2710 1665 42

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Rebuilding Syria One Village At A Time Programme Outline Download PDF
Rebuilding Syria Brief For Donors Download PDF