Syria Relief's Prosthetic Limb Clinic

As a result of the Syrian conflict, 3.7 million Syrians have a disability, tens of thousands of whom need artificial limbs, orthopedic devices, and long-term rehabilitation care. Since 2013, we have been providing financial support to a vital cause -  the preparation and fitting of prosthetic limbs to amputees in need. 

In a hostile environment or warzone, these prosthetics have the potential to bring hope to vulnerable families. The fitting of a prosthetic limb not only increases a person’s mobility but may also restore their ability to find work and enable the beneficiary to support their family. The Syria Relief Prosthetic Limb Clinic provides artificial limbs free of charge to disabled people affected by the conflict.

Losing a limb is a devastating physical and psychological experience, we hope that through this vital project we can restore hope to those in need.