Sponsor a Vulnerable Syrian Family

Now in its 12th year, the Syrian refugee crisis is the largest displacement catastrophe of our time. Millions have been forced from their homes and left displaced across Syria and the neighbouring countries. Families are forced to take refuge in makeshift camps with limited access to food, water and the basic essentials that are needed to survive. With no opportunities to work, families are unable to break free from the spiralling cycle of poverty in which they are trapped.

Through our Family Sponsorship Programme, your monthly donations will support the resilience and potential of disadvantaged family members. Desperate families will receive financial support to cover their basic needs. We have a waiting list full of refugee families who need your generosity. Donate now.

Saffa's Story

Saffa fled her home in Dara’a in 2018, after the conflict became too unbearable, hiding in her basement to stay alive during airstrikes had become the daily routine for her young family. Her 4-year-old son, Malik, is seriously ill, he can barely breathe. The mould in her home exacerbates the hole in his enlarged heart. Malik needs a CT scan because, at 4, he can not walk or talk. Doctors are convinced there is an issue with his brain. “I wish I could take the illness out of Malik’s body and put it into mine.” Saffa says.

However, Saffa can barely afford medicine. She is forced to sell food to pay for Malik’s medicine, then she begs her neighbours for food for her children. “I have never bought meat” she says, ashamed, and tells us that, too often, she has to send her children to bed hungry.

Thanks to you, Saffa has just been sponsored to help lift her out of this terrible cycle of poverty, but there are thousands of more displaced families like Saffa’s who desperately need you to sponsor them if they are to survive.