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An Eid of Hardship

Around the world, families are preparing to celebrate the joy of Eid al-Adha. But for the millions of families displaced, these preparations are non-existent. 

In Syria, more than 6.7 million people are internally displaced. Appalling living conditions are the norm. Many families receive just one cubic metre every four days, making the average daily consumption for each person in the camp around 27 litres. This is well below the recommended standard set by the World Health Organisation. 

Drinking water is often the same as washing water, creating a severe health risk. Faced with these abject conditions, an Eid of peace and happiness is impossible. Families are forced to focus on avoiding disease rather than preparing for a blessed occasion.  

Syria’s spiralling economic crisis means that staple foods are now unaffordable. In the last year alone, Some 4.5 million people have slid into hunger and food insecurity. As a result, more than 12.4 million Syrians are now food insecure - the highest number recorded and double the number in 2018.

Among Syria’s displaced, this issue is even more acute. The UN considers all displaced Syrians living in camps to be 100 percent food insecure.

Displaced families are presented with impossible choices, such as putting food on the table or paying for urgent medical care. Parents say they have not eaten meat and fruit for months, heightening the threat of malnutrition - a condition that currently affects more than 600,000 Syrian children.  

Eid al-Adha should be a time of joy and blessings, not misery and suffering. Yet, for displaced families, suffering is unavoidable at even the most sacred time of year.

We’re determined to give all displaced families the chance to celebrate Eid and live with dignity. As well as implementing our wide range of projects - from Water and Sanitation to Education - we’re delivering Qurbani to families in need. 

By giving Qurbani, displaced families can celebrate Eid with a nourishing, healthy meal. With many eating meat just once a year, Qurbani provides hope amid the darkest of times. 

Share Your Blessings today. Give Qurbani

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