The Latest News from Syria Relief

Last winter we saw dozens of Syrians, who were fleeing the fighting, free to death as they were forced to sleep in the open during the freezing cold winter months. What a horrible, tragic and needless way to die. Families who didn’t want to be killed by bombs, were instead killed by winter.

Since last winter, not only is there still a war, but the economic crisis has increased poverty in winter and now there is the added COVID-19 pandemic. Just this week we learned that all the hospitals were now full due to the pandemic. There has never been a more dangerous winter in Northern Syria.

This year too we are taking our expertise, where we’ve saved millions of lives in Syria during the conflict to Yemen, a nation also ripped apart by a contracted conflict, spiralling levels of poverty and an already decimated healthcare system collapsing due to COVID-19 and children starving to death.

Without the help of Syria Relief, many Syrian and Yemeni families will face a winter without food, a winter without shelter, a winter without warmth and a winter without hope. Please donate now before it is too late.

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