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As winter draws near temperatures are beginning to plummet. This year, This year, millions of displaced and refugee families across Syria, Yemen and Lebanon are facing a winter without food, without heating, without warm clothes and without hope.

Last winter was fatal for the families who were killed as a result of living without shelter in freezing temperatures and those drowned in extreme flooding incidents. Those in displacement camps face winter in fragile tents, with plastic bags patching up the holes in the fabric. A thin sheet of material is all that separates them from freezing to death.

As food shortages spiral and coronavirus spreads wildly, millions face a brutal winter in a warzone. Parents are worrying if their children can make it through the unforgiving winter nights, orphans face winter without love and the and the elderly know the coronavirus or another winter illness will probably kill them.

Now in its 10th year, the Syrian conflict has created the largest refugee and displacement crisis of our time. Innocent civilians have suffered through 10 years of brutal violence, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, economic crisis and now a freezing winter. The healthcare system has been deliberately decimated, homes destroyed and food prices have sky rocketed. Without winter support families won’t make it through the winter.

The war in Yemen has turned an already impoverished country into a humanitarian catastrophe. Millions of people have been displaced and are living in makeshift tents. In Yemen, most of the year is hot, which makes the sudden change to the freezing winter conditions even more deadly. Food shortages have left millions of children at risk of malnutrition. Yemenis urgently need help!

Help save lives this winter and give a child a winter without suffering. Donate now. 

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