Imagine Choosing Between Feeding Your Family or Keeping Them Warm This Winter

Millions of displaced and refugee families are facing a freezing winter full of impossible choices. As temperatures drop to as low as -10 in some regions, families urgently need fuel for heating, blankets, clothing, mattresses, shelter and support to make it through the night. Fragile tents provide little protection from the freezing cold and extreme flooding. Winter related illnesses and COVID-19 spread rapidly in these unsanitary conditions, forcing parents to choose between lifesaving medicine and food for their children.

This winter, Syria Relief is on the ground delivering emergency winter relief to families across Syria, the neighbouring countries and Yemen. We are also building a brand new community inside Syria to make this the last winter displaced families have to face without a home.

Help us to deliver emergency winter aid today, donate now.

Rebuild Syria This Winter

Syria has seen a decade of displacement. Over 11 million people have been forced to flee their homes. Millions now live in tents, fragile shelters or sleep on the floors of buildings like schools and mosques which have been damaged by airstrikes. These shelters lack proper bathing and cooking facilities, they have insufficient space and they provide no protection. Each winter extreme flooding causes damage to tents forcing families to flee once again.

This year, we need your help to rebuild Syria. We’re building a new village for 6,000 displaced Syrians in Northern Syria which will provide safety and hope to families who need it most.

For £1,600, you can provide a family with a two-bedroom home with all the utilities and amenities they need. You will also have a share in building the town’s place of worship, school, hospital and community centre.

With your help, this could be the last winter families do not have a home. Help us to rebuild Syria this winter building a home or supporting the build a home fund today.