Medical care in Northeast Syria has been devastated by airstrikes and violence. Out of 16 hospitals in this area, 8 are partially functioning, and 7 are not functioning at all. Raqqa Governorate has just 2 of these hospitals. One is now managed by Syria Relief in collaboration with its funding partners and the other is a public hospital managed by local councils. These two hospitals however, are not able to service the needs of everyone in the area. Displaced people living in remote rural camps struggle to access vital maternity, pediatric and chronic diseases treatment due to the long distances between their villages and the hospitals. That is why we launched our mobile health clinic.

The Syria Relief Mobile Clinic travels to these remote camps to deliver lifesaving medical care to families. It is particularly important for women and children in these hard-to-reach areas. Children receive check-ups and expecting mothers receive scans and medicine completely free of charge.  The clinic also provides awareness sessions about nutrition, psychosocial support, and coronavirus.

Sadly, the clinic is running out of vital funding. Without support lifesaving services will not be able to continue. We are launching an emergency appeal to save the mobile clinic. Help keep the mobile clinic running today! 

The mobile clinic conducts check-ups for children to detect and treat malnutrition.