Save Syria's Schools

School closures in Syria are set to deny education to 100,000 children. The UK government’s decision to cut the overseas aid budget will see the number of schools operated by Action For Humanity/Syria Relief fall from 306 to 24 in a space of less than 12 months, which by August 2022, could fall to zero unless the gaps in funding are urgently met.

These closures will have far-reaching consequences. New research commissioned by Action For Humanity/Syria Relief has revealed that parents are considering sending their children to work or forcing their girls into early marriages if they are unable to attend school. As if this wasn't enough, thousands of children who need psychosocial support due to trauma will no longer receive any of the mental health support they need.

The children of Syria cannot be forgotten. With your support, we can bridge the education gap and ensure that no child is left behind.

Adams, Jessica
The Children Failed By The World: The impact of reduced donations and aid budget cuts on the 100,000+ teachers forced out of education
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