11 years of conflict in Syria have forced more than 13 million people to flee their homes. 6.6 million have found refuge overseas, and 6.7 million are internally displaced within Syria’s borders, the majority living in dire conditions that take a heavy toll on mental and physical health.

No one deserves to live like this. We’ve made it our mission to rebuild Syria, one village and one home at a time. Construction of our first village is already complete, and 750 displaced families now have safe, warm homes that are built for the future!

But this is just the beginning - construction of our second village has already begun, and with your support, we will continue until no family is left behind! 

For £2,500 per family you can provide a home featuring two bedrooms, a kitchen, electricity, water and all the amenities. 

All families deserve a safe place to call home. All families deserve dignity and security. Help us rebuild Syria today.