The blessed month of Ramadan is almost upon as and it is a time for us to come together to grow and reflect on our iman, to share our faith with others and give to those in need.

During this most blessed month, we are asking you to remember the 274 million people across the globe who need humanitarian assistance and welcome you to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in striving to benefit others.

This year, we ask you to do just three simple things: to PRAY, GIVE AND EMPOWER. Together, let us pray for the families of Syria, Yemen, Palestine and all those displaced across the world. Together, let us give to provide food, housing, water, and hope. And together, let us empower families and communities through education, livelihoods and support.

Whether it’s your Zakat, your Sadaqah, your Fidyah, or your Fitrana – you know that if you donate to us this Ramadan, we will put your donations into action.

Food Packs

Over 800 million people are currently going hungry around the world. Every Ramadan, Syria Relief provides food parcels containing essential items to feed families of five. These food parcels allow families to be prepared for the month of Ramadan, easing their worries about how to access food to break their fast with. 

Food insecurity in Syria is at its highest ever level. 12.4 million people lack sufficient access to food, and the number who are severely food insecure - meaning they cannot survive without food assistance - has doubled in the past year to 1.3 million. Another 1.8 million are at risk unless urgent action is taken.

By distributing locally-sourced, nutritional food parcels, we protect against hunger and malnutrition and allow families to fulfil their religious obligation. Feed a family today.


Eid Gifts and Fitrana

With the economic crisis worsening by the day, increasing numbers of Syrian children are without the very basics such as clothes, food, education and health care. Each of these things are cornerstones of a happy childhood, and without them, children fall further into a life of hardship and despair. 

This year, we will distribute multi-purpose cash grants to the families of children in need and the carers of the children who live without their parents. This will help cover the cost of purchasing items for Eid as well as other essentials. We will also distribute Fitrana cash assistance to individuals in Syria before Eid. 

This support is crucial in helping children to escape poverty. Make a difference today.