Share Your Blessings. Give Qurbani!

Share your blessings with Syria this Eid! With the sacred month of Dhul Hijjah upon us, there is no better time to donate your Qurbani so that displaced families can celebrate with a nutritious meal.

Meat is a luxury for families across Syria, many of whom cannot afford the basics. But with your Qurbani, we ensure that all can share in the joy of Eid al-Adha.

We’ve been on the ground in Syria for over 10 years delivering your Qurbani to those most in need. This year, you can help families enjoy an Eid that is free from the pain of hunger. Share your blessings today. Give Qurbani.

Please note: In the rare event of a country quota being filled, we may divert your donations to other locations. If no sheep/goats are available, a share of a cow will be used.