More than 40% of schools in Syria have been damaged or destroyed, leaving 2.4 million children without access to education and 1.6 million at risk of dropping out school. A generation of children know nothing but conflict. Without a chance to learn, they are likely to be trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty, poor health, forced labour and early marriage.

The Syria Relief Mobile Learning Centre travels to camps across Northern Syria to deliver education to displaced children who are unable to attend school. We are proud to be the first organisation to attempt a project like this in Syria. Children are able to socialise, learn and process their psychological trauma in a safe environment with highly-trained support staff. This year we want to expand our mobile learning centre projects to reach a further 4,000 out of school children in some of the hardest to reach camps in Syria. Every child has the right to learn! Help us to get children back to school.

Help us to raise £70,000
for our Mobile Learning Centre
And help children get back to school