More than 500,000 people have been displaced in Idlib since the campaign began in April 2019.  Hospitals, schools, markets and civilians continue to be targeted by airstrikes. Thousands have lost their lives and over half the population are internally displaced.At Syria Relief we are escalating the state of emergency for the people of Idlib. The international community cannot ignore what is going on any longer. The attacks have reached a relentless level and it is the people who are suffering. North West Syria is in a state of catastrophe, they need your help.

6-year-old Amira, has had to leave her home in Southern Idlib and head towards the Turkish border. She is too young to understand why she had to leave her home, her friends and the loud explosions of the bombs which have shaken her home and wrecked her life have caused her untold trauma. The psychological scars may never heal, but at least she has escaped alive. There are seven children known to have been killed this week.

Ahmed, a father of four, has uprooted his entire family from the town he lives in, in fear of their lives, and is looking for the nearest displaced people’s camp, however many have been destroyed by flooding “From the sky, we have seen either bombs or heavy, heavy rain. Both are very dangerous. Everything is terrible. I did not want to leave my harm, but I was worried that if I stayed, my family would be killed.” Surprisingly Ahmed considers himself lucky, “I know entire families who have been killed during this conflict.” 

The people of Idlib urgently need emergency supplies, shelter and food. Please donate immediately, it cannot wait.

Medical staff are working tirelessly each day seeing
20,000 patients we are managing five primary healthcare
facilities and one maternity hospital

How severe is the Idlib emergency?

Syrian families fleeing bombing sites, in search of temporary shelter and relief.

Hundreds of people have been badly injured in Idlib, Hama and Aleppo as this international crisis escalates and fighting intensifies. There has been a surge of airstrikes, barrel bomb attacks and artillery strikes in the north of Hama and south of Idlib. Over 400,000 civilians have moved from their homes towards the Turkey border. These attacks are dangerous indicators that the city of Idlib will be targeted again, leaving innocent civilians at risk.

5 schools and 5 medical facilities were also bombed and put out of service in this area this week. Educational facilities, health facilities and residential areas are being bombed by helicopters and planes. This has resulted in civilians running for their lives. Vehicles loaded with mattresses, carpets, and even household appliances - like refrigerators and washing machines - could be seen leaving villages in southern Idlib.

A UN representative was quoted saying that the frequency of barrel bombing was highest in these past few days, as compared to the last 15 months - since the agreement between Ankara and Moscow. Ever since the civil war began back in 2011, around 1.7 million civilians in Idlib have been displaced, with a total population of the city of around 3 million people.

We cannot let this go on any longer. The Syrian people need our help. We will keep you updated and as always will continue to deliver emergency aid to Syrians in need. So, help our cause and donate now.