Education Is The Difference

Alma practices her maths counting fruit in the field but wishes she was in a classroom. 

Fatima stopped speaking when the bombs fell, now she must learn to speak again. 

Noor dreams of becoming an engineer. She instead spends all day collecting scrap metal to sell. 

Education is the difference.

Nothing impacts a country’s future like education. With an estimated 2.45 million children out of school, many young Syrians are unable to develop the skills needed to fulfil their potential - limiting development and prosperity for years to come.

Education allows cycles of poverty to be broken. Education is the key to a better future. Education is the difference.

As prices rise and essential costs become harder for families to cover, children leaving education becomes an increasingly common coping mechanism. Over three quarters of 12-17-year-olds not in school have dropped out to enter early marriage or work. Children are being denied a better future. 

Damage and destruction have made schools increasingly difficult to access. For the 3.1 million displaced Syrian children living in camps, education is the key to changing ambition into reality.  

Through our Education Programme, we’re investing in Syria’s next generation. We rebuild schools, train teachers and run mobile learning centres so that all children can learn, grow and develop. By delivering education to thousands of children, alongside supporting the needs of the wider community, we are building a better future for Syria.

Education is the difference. Support our Education fund today. 

Mobile Learning Centre

Our mobile learning centres travel to remote displacement camps providing education to children who would otherwise go without. Displaced children frequently have to walk several miles to attend school, making accessing education impossible. 

Through our centres, we bring high-quality education and psychosocial support directly to displaced communities. Each centre is equipped with stationery and learning materials so that all children are able to learn and progress.

School Rehabilitation

After 11 years of conflict, 40% of Syria’s schools have been destroyed, damaged or repurposed. Through our school rehabilitation project, we rebuild schools that have been damaged in the violence. 

From repairs in classrooms and sanitation facilities, to providing fuel and heaters so that children can attend school during winter, we’re determined to give all children a safe place to learn.