COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

Thousands of Syrian families who have fled their homes and are now living in makeshift camps, in close proximity to many others,  are extremely vulnerable to the current coronavirus outbreak. This war has taken everything from them but now they face a new threat: COVID-19.

Displaced and refugee families are living in dangerous conditions with no sanitation or hygiene equipment. With no cleaning facilities or clean water, parents are unable to protect their children from the virus.  Many already have health conditions caused by their unsuitable shelter during winter or as a result of injuries sustained from airstrikes and conflict.

Syria Relief are providing access to clean water, distributing hygiene kits and supporting hospitals and healthcare centres across the region.9 years of war has killed, injured and displaced millions of Syrian’s, COVID-19 will kill many more unless you donate now.

Water supply systems in Syria have been badly affected by the conflict. The lack of reliable, clean water supplies is particularly worrying in areas which have seen a high influx of displaced communities. 15.5 million Syrians currently require water and sanitation assistance, 6.2 million of whom are considered in acute need.

Our water engineers work to ensure that communities have access to sustainable, clean water and appropriate sanitation facilities for domestic and agricultural use. In the last nine years, we have rebuilt and repaired thousands of water systems and trained members of the local communities to undertake future repairs. 

Access to clean water has never been more important. Families urgently need regular, clean water not only to drink but to protect themselves against the spread of the coronavirus.

Donate now and save lives across Syria and the neighbouring regions.