A Winter Without

Across Syria and the surrounding countries, families will go through winter without food, shelter, warmth and hope. As the harsh weather lashes down, life becomes an unbearable struggle for families living in camps. Fragile tents provide little protection from the heavy rain and snow, leaving families at severe risk of freezing to death. 

As living conditions deteriorate, winter-related illnesses spread rapidly. Crippling poverty forces families to burn unsafe materials to stay warm, creating a severe risk of respiratory disease. No family should be forced to spend the freezing months without access to the basics.

This winter, we’re on the ground providing life-saving assistance. Through our Winter Emergency Response, we distribute emergency packs containing food, fuel, blankets, shelter assistance and more. 

Support our Winter Emergency Response today.

Build A Home This Winter

Syria has faced over a decade of displacement. 6.8 million people have fled across borders, and 6.9 million people are internally displaced. Many live in tents with no access to water and sanitation, increasing the risk of disease.

During winter, dire living conditions deteriorate even further. Camps regularly flood due to the rain and snow, washing away possessions and forcing families to flee once again. 

We've made it our mission to rebuild Syria, one village and one home at a time. By supporting our Build A Home project, you can ensure that displaced families have a safe, secure home that is built for the future.