Throughout the Syrian crisis, the humanitarian need has grown rapidly, and it has been Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), like Syria Relief, who have had to respond to the civilians who have been the most adversely affected. Whilst now Syria Relief has grown into one of the world's leading NGOs operating in Syria, prior to the conflict we did not exist. We had to grow, learn lessons, and gain experience as the conflict intensified and continued along its bloody course. However, other organisations of our size and smaller have been in similar positions, it has been Syria Relief's goal to help Syrian civil society increase its capacity through sharing our own experiences and world-class processes so that other organisations can also respond to the needs of the vulnerable people with similar successes.

The Organisational Development Process in Syria Relief starts with assessing the capacity of the targeted NGO and Civil Society Organisation, analyse the findings and design a development plan that match the goals then implement the development initiatives such as conducting multiple training programmes, coaching, developing policies and procedures in relation to programmes and their operations and other relevant consultations. Some of the  training programmes that were covered by Syria Relief were in:

  • -Management and leadership skills
  • -Reporting and Proposals development skills
  • -Partnerships management
  • -Donors compliance e.g. ECHO, DFID rules and regulations
  • -Procurement and supply chain management
  • -Medical training e.g. Hostile Environment Surgical Training (HEST)
  • -Sphere humanitarian standards training as being the first NGO in the world to lunch the Sphere training in Arabic.
  • -Program and Project Management training as being partner with PM4NGOs.


Mazen Husseiny, Organisational Development Manager
NGO’s Team Empowerment: The Case of Syria Relief Download PDF