As the UK’s largest Syria-focused NGO, Syria Relief plays a key national and international role to give a voice to the Syrians most affected by the conflict and to keep the conflict on the media and political agenda.


Idlib Humanitarian Crisis

Syria Relief has led the UK campaign to keep Idlib on the media agenda and to call for the end to military actions that have deliberately targeted civilians. 


COVID-19 Pandemic

During the Coronavirus crisis, Syria Relief have been at the forefront of the international campaign to highlight how unprepared Idlib and the rest of Northern Syria is for the COVID-19 pandemic. Syria Relief has written the following articles:


Protecting Schools From Military Action

As the largest non-governmental provider of education in Syria, operating 164 schools, Syria Relief are best placed to talk about the impact that the deliberate targeting of education facilities has. Six of Syria Relief’s schools have been targeted, with dozens of children and teachers killed. 

We have published two reports analysing the impact:

9 Years Of Schools On The Front Line released in March 2020

No School To Go Back To: The Impact Of Airstrikes On Schools released in September 2019

Syria Relief consistently advocates for all parties in this conflict to immediately cease the deliberate targeting of schools and for International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law to be obeyed.



Children Living With Disabilities In A Conflict Zone

The amount of disabled children Syria is disproportionately higher than other countries, due to the amount of children who have been victims of airstrikes and shelling. In June 2018 we released this research report about children living with disabilities inside Syria and the challenges they face. 

We have also been campaigning for 3D printers to be used for prosthetic limbs for child victims of bombing in Syria:


Children With Blast Wounds

Due to the amount of children who have been victims of blast injuries (airstrikes, shelling, barrel bombs etc), we unfortunately felt the need to work with top Paediatricians and Save The Children to produce and distribute the world’s first ever manual for doctors and medics treating children with blast injuries. You can read more here:



We have also written standing up for the treatment of Syrian refugees, in March 2020, we wrote “Greece is making Syrian refugees' lives hell – not that the EU seems to mind” for The Independent, you can read this article here: